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Education and Training

At SASS, we believe in equipping individuals, schools, workplaces, and communities with the tools to prevent sexual violence. Together, let's challenge harmful norms, promote consent education, and foster a culture of respect. Join us in shaping a world where prevention is paramount and sexual violence is no more.

Courses for you

Our individual training programs are tailored to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to create a safer society.
Ranging from practical tips for parents, through to specialist training for health professionals, SASS condenses the most current evidence into accessible, interesting and interactive short courses. These courses are offered in person throughout Tasmania and online.
View our current short courses here:

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Education in Schools

We collaborate with schools to implement effective prevention strategies and create a safer environment for children across Tasmania.
Whether we are working in a primary school class or training medical students in their final years – SASS offers a range of programs to support students, caregivers, teachers and Safeguarding Officers (including recognising and responding to Harmful Sexual Behaviour).
Please contact the Primary Prevention Team to discuss the options available for your school.

Email training@sass.org.au to discuss further

Workplace Training

Childcare workers, legal firms, construction teams. All workplaces now have a positive duty of care to ensure to prevent sexual harassment and abuse. Learn about initiatives to promote respectful workplaces and empower employees to combat sexual violence.
This program is tailored to each workplace based on the size and industry that you work in. Talk to the Primary Prevention Workplace Team about your specific requirements and timeline.

email training@sass.org.au to book for your workplace

Community Events

We sometimes offer free 30 minute information sessions or run a stall raising awareness of SASS at community events

Please get in touch with us if you would like us to run a stall at your community event or for any queries at training@sass.org.au