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Your donation is a powerful investment in survivor support, advocacy, and prevention. With your help, we can extend a helping hand to survivors, educate communities, and drive change from the grassroots up.

Together, we create a future where sexual violence is no longer a reality.

About the Consent and Relationship Education (CARE) Program

CARE (Consent And Relationship Education) provides age-appropriate context for young people to better understand what consenting sounds, feels and looks like, providing a path to a happy and healthy life.

Last year, the CARE Program reached some 3800 students in 17 schools, across grades 3 to 12.

With your support, we can extend the CARE program to every school in Tasmania and help ensure our children's future.

As part of the CARE Program, we hope you can join us as part of the Sexual Assault Awareness Month:

Week of Action - Sexual Assault Awareness Month | Humanitix

Student feedback

'Now I feel safer to go to a place and talk to someone - if I need to'

Student feedback

'I think SASS are really cool and I love what they do and I think it helps people a lot'

Student feedback

'It’s a big eye opener. Great tips and thanks for making it fun as well'

Student feedback

'This experience was a bit funny but some of the stuff was really important and it was helpful to learn this'

Student feedback

'Very thankful for the friendly and
non-stressful way you addressed the topics.'

School Principle feedback

'The work you did with the kids was amazing.
They all have been really
positive about us covering
this content with them.'

Thank you for running this session with all of us, all of the information and conversations we’ve had have been very informative and will go a long way towards our experience and the future!  Thank you so much! ""

Program Resources

CARE Fundraising Document

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