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Who we are

Get to know the dedicated professionals behind SASS, each contributing their expertise and compassion to our mission.

Board members

Alyssa King

SASS Board of Directors

As an experienced strategy manager and advisor, I am focused on turning a vision into reality. I believe that listening to the insights of survivors and valuing their knowledge is fundamental to providing effective support and prevention services.

Audrey Mills

Deputy Chair, SASS Board of Directors

As an experienced legal advisor in the area of policy and litigation involving child sexual abuse, I know that justice is only part of the solution. Survivors need support to heal.

Kellie Dean

Chair, SASS Board of Directors

As a leader of teams and boards in diverse sectors and industries, I am passionate about ensuring strong governance and authentic leadership. Our clients, staff and funders must have confidence and trust in the management of SASS.

Lisa Pennington

SASS Board of Directors

Working within the criminal justice system, I know that the effects of sexual assault exist beyond charging, and beyond a verdict of guilty or not guilty. The community can better learn to prevent sexual violence, and support those dealing with its consequences.

Nicole Cumine

SASS Board of Directors

As a leader with a strong background in diverse business sectors including more than 10 years in an executive role in Disability, I know how important it is for SASS to successfully navigate challenges, foster relationships and drive innovation.

Oliver Barta

Treasurer, SASS Board of Directors

As a Director at WLF Accounting & Advisory, I know that strong financial management is what enables increased service delivery. SASS is an investment in people and a better future.

Philippa Cannan

SASS Board of Directors

As a Clinical Psychologist and Director of a multidisciplinary mental health clinic I understand that victims of sexual assault have a diverse variety of needs. SASS offers effective support by working collaboratively with individuals to help tailor their engagement with a wide range of specialised services.

Phillip Curtis

SASS Board of Directors

Having previously managed sexual assault investigations I am acutely aware of the importance of support services for victims and survivors. Whilst the pursuit of justice is an important factor in the future prevention of sexual violence, those impacted by such crimes need access to independent assistance, guidance and understanding during any investigation.

Yvonne Chaperon

SASS Board of Directors

With a background in nursing and law, I have seen the impact of sexual violence on our communities. Everyone deserves to be supported.