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NEW!!! Options Paper - Responding to Problem Sexual Behaviour in Tasmania

SASS has released an Options Paper on a Tasmanian response to children who display problem sexual behaviour and sexually abusive behaviour. Read the Media Release here.

Comments are invited on this paper up until 31 January 2015.

View the Options Paper here.

In addition to the Options Paper, SASS has developed two publications to assist practitioners in responding to problem sexual behaviour and sexually abusive behaviour.

NEW!!!  Practice Handbook: Responding to Children and Young People with Problem Sexual Behaviours

The Practice Handbook provides practitioners with a foundation for working with children, young people and their families/carers when problem sexual behaviour is an issue.  It offers guidance on: information gathering, analysis and planning; action; and reviewing outcomes in cases where specific problems exist or with particular developmental stages. 

The handbook has been designed as a guide to help practitioners deal with the particularly sensitive issues and situations when working with vulnerable children and families/carers.  This resource consists of two parts: an overview of issues for children and young people with problem sexual behaviours, and a practice tool to guide practitioners when working with these children and their families or carers.

NEW!!! Tasmanian Standards of Practice for Problem Sexual Behaviour and Sexually Abusive Behaviour Intervention and Treatment Programs

The Standards of Practice present a minimum set of requirements for services and service goals to ensure equity of access and quality of care for delivery of services. The Standards define and describe the quality of service provision.

The Standards of Practice Manual sets out standards that are benchmarks in providing quality service which act as guidelines for workers in organisations providing treatment for children and young people with problem sexual behaviours and sexually abusive behaviours. The Standards include minimum requirements for working collaboratively with statutory agencies and other services.



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Click HERE for Information on Royal Commission Counselling and Support Services in Tasmania

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse 


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The Sexual Assault Support Service (SASS) is a community based service committed to providing high quality support and information services to survivors of sexual assault in Southern Tasmania, their carers and support people, professionals, and the general public.

SASS provides information and support services to people who have been recently sexually assaulted, and counselling services for children and adults of all ages, religions, cultures, sexual orientation, ability, and socio-economic groups who have experienced sexual abuse at any time of their lives.

A confidential telephone interpreting service can be used if you prefer to speak in your own language.

24/7 Rape Crisis Response

SASS provides a 24 hour a day support and information service regarding available choices to victims of recent rape or sexual assault, their family and support people including whether and how to:

  • report the crime to Police
  • have a Forensic Medical Examination (FME), medical checkup or access emergency contraception
  • access ongoing counselling and support

SASS then coordinates and facilitates the implementation of the person’s chosen course of action and offers ongoing support to the victim and their family and friends.

People can access this service directly on 6231 1817 (24/7) or be referred by other services including the RHH, Police, GP’s or other community services.

24/7 Response and Counselling Line

SASS provides a 24/7 phone support and counselling service to people of all genders and ages who have been sexually abused at any time of their lives; the parents or carers of children who have been abused; the partners of people who have been abused, and professionals who are assisting people who have experienced sexual abuse. 

This service can be used by people who have never before accessed a SASS service or by current or past clients. People can access this service directly on 6231 1817 (24/7) or be referred by other services.

Counselling and Case Management

SASS provides face to face information, support, counselling, and referral services for anyone who has experienced sexual abuse or assault at any time during their life regardless of whether the perpetrator was a relative, friend, acquaintance or stranger.

People accessing the counselling and case management service will initially meet with an Intake Worker who will help identify your needs and the type of assistance that you want. You will be provided with information about the type of help available at SASS and other relevant services. You may also be provided with practical information about such things as anxiety reduction, improving your sleep, or helping your child if they are having difficulties.

If you are offered and choose to access counselling at SASS you will be referred to one of our qualified counsellors for ongoing counselling.

This service can be used by anyone who has experienced sexual abuse, their family or support people, and other professionals assisting people who have experienced such abuse. People can access this service directly on 6231 0044 or 6231 1811 during business hours or be referred by other services.

SASS also offers referrals to other services; group sessions; community education and professional training sessions; student programs within schools; art therapy and dance programs for young clients; information (pamphlets, books and other resources relevant to coping with any traumatic event); a library; and support with legal, medical or other professionals and systems.

SASS also works towards the elimination of sexual violence through media and awareness raising campaigns and participation on State and National Committees.

All our services are government-funded and provided free of charge.


Any contact will be kept strictly private and confidential unless there is a risk to any person's safety. SASS is mandated to report to the Department of Health and Human Services when a person under the age of 18 years has been abused or is at risk of abuse.SASS employs professionally qualified staff of both genders.

SASS receives ongoing funding from the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services through the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program.