The SASS Primary Prevention team offers a range of training programs and workshops, for children, adolescents, and adults. Programs and workshops can be delivered in schools, colleges, work places or other settings anywhere in Tasmania, and in some instances, online.  Content and duration of each session is tailored to meet the identified needs of the audience.

Quote from year 11 student "As a sexual assault survivor I thought it was all really spot on and I felt very comfortable throughout the talk."

Our specialised professional development workshops empower participants with the skills they need to minimise harm and assist others in trauma recovery. These fee-for-service workshops can be delivered on-site at any location across Tasmania.

We also offer ticketed training events that are open to the public.  Such events are advertised below and emailed to our newsletter subscribers.  If you would like to be informed of upcoming events, subscribe to our newsletter or contact the SASS training team.

In late 2018 we were awarded with a National Crime Prevention Award for our Schools Program. Download the schools program overview.

In 2020, we presented three webinars as part of Daniel Morcombe Foundation's Changing Futures program. The webinars we presented include Identifying and Responding to Harmful Sexual Behaviour, Safety Planning with Harmful Sexual Behaviours, and Dealing with Disclosures of Abuse.

Also in 2020, one of our facilitators delivered a TED talk on listening to your body's signals.


SASS training events are engaging, dynamic, and interactive. Our educators are tertiary qualified with extensive experience working across a broad range of disciplines including trauma-informed care and practice and working with survivors of sexual assault.  SASS is a unique training provider, with sessions delivered in Tasmania supported via our counselling service if participants require support.


All training projects can be specifically designed and tailored to the audience.  Below are a selection of workshop outlines that can be combined and/or developed to suit targeted needs.

To more information or to request a quote, please contact the SASS Primary Prevention team on (03) 6231 0044 or email @email



Training Type

Professional development

Sexual Trauma 1st Aid Workshops - Hobart & Launceston

This 4-hour essential workshop helps to raise understanding of sexual assault in our community and offers vital skills for handling disclosures of sexual harm.

Sexual Trauma 1st Aid

This essential workshop helps to raises awareness of sexual assault in our community, and offers essential skills for handling disclosures of sexual harm. Topics discussed include Tasmanian consent law, the impacts of trauma and how to respond to disclosures of sexual harm.

Creating a Safe Workplace

This training aims to improve workplace culture, improve staff retention and generate ethical behaviours at work. Staff will learn ways to identify and reduce gender imbalances, bullying, sexual harassment and sexual abuse in the workplace, leading to creation of a culture of safety.

Undressing Pornography

Pornography is quickly becoming Australian young people’s main source of sexuality education. The best approach for responding to exposure to and compulsion towards pornography, is to encourage open communication, discussion and critical thinking.

Child Safe Training Spaces

Child Safe Training Spaces is a professional development workshop for instructors in environments such as dance, gymnastics, and team sports. The focus is on reducing the occurrence and impacts of child sexual assault by creating safe environments, as well as responding to disclosures of harm in an empathetic and legal way.

Children & Sexual Behaviours

Developed for people working with children (such as teachers and carers), this workshop explores sexual behaviours in children, when they become problematic/abusive and pathways to changing behaviours. It focuses on managing and reducing the impacts of problem sexual behaviors in children and young people and creating sexually safe communities.

Keeping Kids Safe

This professional development workshop is developed for people employed to work with children, parents and caregivers. The focus is on reducing the occurrence and impacts of child sexual assault to create a safer community. Participants will learn skills in keeping children safe from harm, as well as skills in responding to disclosures of harm.

Primary Prevention

Consent is a Conversation

Training for students and school communities from Secondary Schools through to University Level. These sessions teach consent, sexual ethics and decision making skills. The program aims to reduce the occurrences of sexual harm and empower people with the skills to make healthy sexual choices.

Safe, Smart Kids

Training for students and school communities in Primary Schools. This program aims to empower children to understand body autonomy, equip them to make positive, ethical choices with regards to their intimate relationships, and ultimately to stop intimate partner violence and sexual harm from occurring.

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