The SASS training team offers a range of primary prevention training programs and workshops, for children, adolescents, and adults. Programs and workshops can be delivered in schools and colleges, or other settings anywhere in Tasmania.  Content and duration is tailored to meet the identified needs of the audience.

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SASS also offers specialised professional development workshops to empower participates with the skills they need to minimise harm and assist others in trauma recovery. These fee-for-service workshops can be delivered on-site at any location across Tasmania (or inter-state upon request)

SASS training events are engaging, dynamic, and interactive. Facilitators are skilled clinicians with experience in trauma-informed care and practice.

Feedback opportunities are provided to participants pre, during and post-sessions.  All feedback received is shared with key stakeholders including the host agency, group, or institution.

All training projects can be specifically designed and tailored to the audience.  Below are a selection of workshop outlines that can be combined and/or developed to suit targeted needs.

To more information or to request a quote, please contact SASS’s Training Coordinator, Peter Baldwin, on (03) 6231 0044 or email @email




Training Type

Professional development

*SOLD OUT* "Keeping Kids Safe" Ticketed Professional Development Workshop 10/11/17

This 5 and a ½ hour training workshop is designed for adults, caregivers and parents. It aims to educate on protective factors limiting risks of sexual harm of children and help manage and reduce the impact of problem sexualised behaviours. Delivery is underpinned with psychoeducation regarding recovery pathways for those effected sexual trauma in children and young people (aligning with best-practice trauma-informed principals).

"Working with Traumatised Children"

Professional development training tailored towards those in therapeutic roles working with children. Teaches trauma informed skills for assisting children recovering from trauma and beginning their pathways to recovery. Introductory, intermediate and advanced programs are available on request.

"Recovery for the Traumatised Brain"

This professional development workshop is developed for counsellors and people in therapeutic roles. Participants will explore therapy skills for assisting people recovering from trauma. Introductory, intermediate and advanced sessions are available upon request.

"Children & Sexualised Behaviours"

Developed for people working with children (such as teachers and carers), this workshop explores sexual behaviours in children, when they become problematic/abusive and pathways to changing behaviours. It focuses on managing and reducing the impacts of problem sexualised behaviors in children and young people and creating sexually safe communities.

"Keeping Kids Safe"

This professional development workshop is developed for people employed to work with children, parents and caregivers. The focus is on reducing the occurrence and impacts of child sexual assault to create a safer community. Participants will learn skills in keeping children safe from harm, as well as skills in responding to disclosures of harm.

"Trauma 1st Aid"

A Professional development training developed for front-line staff, parents and caregivers which raises awareness of sexual assault in our community. Topics discussed include Tasmanian consent law and psycho-education on the impacts of trauma. Participants will gain essential skills for handling first disclosures of sexual harm.

"Creating a Safe Workplace"

This training is developed to improve workplace culture, improve staff retention and generate ethical behaviours at work. Staff will learn ways to reduce gender imbalances, sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace, creating a culture of safety.

Primary Prevention

"Sexting and Cyber Sex Issues"

This workshop designed for young people explores the complex world of online behaviour and issues to do with technology and sex. This serves as a guide for young people navigating technology and sex in both a legal and ethical way.

"Intimacy Versus Pornography"

This primary prevention workshop discusses online pornography and the effects on individuals, intimate relationships and culture within our community. This has been developed as a guide for young people and adults on navigating intimacy and sexual relationships in a pornography-saturated world.

"Consent is a Conversation"

A workshop for young people or adults teaching sexual ethics and decision making skills. Aims to reduce the occurrences of sexual harm and give people the skills to make sexual choices that are enjoyable, safe and remembered fondly.

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