Support for children

Are you feeling scared, angry, sad, confused or yucky about something that someone has done to you?  Has someone shown you something that you are worried about?  It might be by a person you know or like, or who you think of as a friend. 

You can ring us at SASS anytime on 1800 697 877 just to talk about how you are feeling.

It is still NOT ok for them to touch you, show you pictures or videos of sex acts, ask to see your private parts or show you theirs.

What if the person who did the wrong thing you told you to keep it a secret?

Adults should never ask children to keep secrets. These secrets often help hide bad behaviour and stop people from getting help to stay safe from harm. If someone is asking you to keep a secret about something that makes you feel uncomfortable it is always good to talk to a trusted adult.

girl walking with a balloon

We know that sometimes talking about what has happened to you can be really hard. Finding a safe adult to talk to can really help. At SASS we have people who will listen to you and help you to work out what to do next.

You can contact us at SASS anytime on 1800 697 877 if you think you need help.  Our support services are FREE and we will listen to you.



You can also contact Kids Help Line on 1800 55 1800 or go to their website at They have lots of ideas and information if things aren’t feeling ok for you.

You might also like to have a look at this website: Bursting the Bubble. It's a great site if things aren't ok in your family.  It has quizzes, stories, help and ideas.