Social Policy

TMagnifying glass over bookshe SASS Policy team conducts research to:

  • Identify, explore and advocate for the needs of our clients, their families and support professionals.
  • Explore and advocate for structural reform to better prevent and respond to sexual violence at a societal level. 
  • Ensure that SASS programs, policies and practices are based on best practice.

SASS believes first and foremost that survivors of sexual violence are the experts in this area. We strive to incorporate and represent the views of survivors in all of our policy work and advocacy efforts.


Our Policy team also:

  • Prepares submissions to Federal and Tasmanian State Government inquiries and processes.
  • Provides input into and advocates for reform to sexual assault legislation.
  • Undertakes internal evaluations to ensure that SASS programs and practice benefit from continuous improvement.
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SASS submission - Common Statement on Information Sharing

SASS provided feedback to the state Government on the draft Common Statement on Information Sharing.

SASS submission - Sentencing Amendment (Mandatory Sentencing) Bill 2017

Aggregate sentence lengths for sexual assault and related offences are lower in Tasmania than in any other jurisdiction, and incarceration for certain sexual offences against children, for example sexual intercourse with a young person, is utilised much less frequently in Tasmania than in other p

SASS submission - Consultation Paper: Developing the Tasmanian Carer Action Plan

SASS provided feedback to the Communities, Sport and Recreation branch of the Tasmanian Department of Premier and Cabinet on the development of the Tasmanian Carer Action Plan.

SASS submission - Legislative Inquiry into the Child and Family Centres

SASS provided comment to the Legislative Council Select Committee’s Inquiry into the Child and Family Centres.

SASS submission - Advice and Referral Service Consultation Paper

With approximately one third of all SASS clients being children, SASS engages with Child Safety Services (CSS) on a daily basis.

SASS submission - Family Violence: Strengthening Legal Responses

SASS provided feedback on the Tasmanian Government's 'Family Violence: Strengthening Our Legal Responses' consultation paper, which outlined proposed amendments to a number of Tasmanian Acts.