SASS submission - Inquiry into Family Law and Family Violence

3 May 2017

SASS provided input into a Commonwealth Parliamentary inquiry into the effectiveness of the federal family law system in supporting and protecting those affected by family violence, especially those who are most at risk.

Particular areas of focus for the inquiry included how the federal family law system could:

  • respond as quickly as possible to family violence;
  • provide adequate protection through consent orders;
  • appropriately accommodate self-represented parties to family law proceedings; and
  • consider the financial needs of people affected by family violence.

The inquiry also considered the capacity of family law professionals to respond to cases involving family violence, and the potential for a national approach to the enforcement of intervention or apprehended violence orders.

In addition to providing comment on the particulars of the inquiry, we also raised two issues that are particularly pertinent within our work, namely the role of sexual assault support services in family law proceedings, and the myth of false allegations of child sexual abuse within family law proceedings.