Our People

SASS is privileged to be governed and staffed by a dedicated and committed team of people with a range of professional qualifications, skills and talents, who work hard to make the world a better place for our clients.

Board of Governance

  • Jandy Godfrey (Chair)
  • Margaret Hunyady-Sutherland (Deputy Chair)
  • Oliver Barta (Treasurer)
  • David Franklin
  • Wendy Spencer
  • Rikki Mawad
  • Catherine Graham
  • Stella Cook
  • Kellie Dean

Chief Executive Officer

Jill Maxwell

Public Officer

Jill Maxwell


The Board and Chief Executive Officer are supported by the following staff:

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Carlisle

Senior Practitioners

  • Yvona Nouzova
  • Hannah Smith
  • Nicole Tsakiris


Our counselling staff are qualified social workers, psychologists and counsellors who are dedicated to assisting the recovery of adults and children who have experienced sexual assault and exploitation.

  • Daniel Bahr
  • Tamara Gillies
  • Joc McConnell
  • Louisa Kalimnios
  • Peter Baldwin 
  • Sandi Mackintosh
  • Fiona Richardson
  • Val Griffin
  • Renae Pepper
  • Paul Kempys
  • Jill (surname withheld)
  • Kate (surname withheld)
  • Rachael (surname withheld)
  • Anna (surname withheld)

Out-of-Hours Workers     

  • Names withheld

Training and Workshops

The SASS training team is made up of skilled educators with practical expertise in the area of sexual harm recovery.

  • Peter Baldwin - Training Coordinator
  • Adie Delaney - Training Officer
  • Tasha Erker - Training Administrative Officer

Projects, Policy and Research

  • Holly Mason-White - Social Policy Adviser

Business Services

  • Therese Leaman - Administration Team Leader
  • Jan Saunders - Finance Officer
  • Joanne (surname withheld) - Administrative Officer/HSR
  • Keryn (surname withheld) - Administration - Client Services
  • Tess Tilbury - Administrative Officer/Webmistress