Creating a Safer Workplace

SASS offers specialized professional development workshops to empower participants with skills to minimize harm and assist others in trauma recovery.    SASS training is dynamic, engaging and tailored to the specific audience.

We all have a right to feel safe all of the time.

Empower your organisation with practical skills and evidence-based knowledge, to create a culture of safety and integrity. The individual cannot solve the unprovoked problem of workplace harassment alone.

SASS can assist with redirecting lost productivity back into business outcomes. SASS workplace training and policy support works by minimising harassment, bullying, incivility and organisational interference with the accomplishment of legitimate business interests.

SASS WORKPLACE TRAINING WORKSHOPS are tailored to fit with organisational goals and values, delivering primary prevention of psychological injury, thereby enhancing relationships.

SASS can review, guide and develop policies and procedures, to ensure that national best practice is reflected from a whole-of-service perspective.

What you ignore, you tolerate.

The pyramid of sexism theory





SASS Workplace Training Workshops can include:

• Understanding the issue of sexual safety
• Socio-cultural factors that permit abuse
• Sexual harassment, ethics and the law
• How to intervene safely
• Self-care and vicarious trauma prevention management
• How to respond and trauma first aid

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