Consent is a Conversation

The middle and senior school program aim to stop intimate partner violence and sexual harm from occurring by promoting healthy, respectful intimate relationships. We identify and reduce contributors to harm while promoting healthy, ethical sexual decision making. A thorough understanding of affirmative consent underpins all age appropriate content.

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Sessions can be tailored to meet individual community’s needs.  Content is delivered at an age-appropriate level by our engaging facilitators and includes;

Can I _____Your _____?Consent is a Conversation’

These sessions lay the foundation and context for all subsequent content, giving participants the skills to understand the nature of sexual assault, and by contrast, what healthy intimate relationships look and feel like.

  • Awareness raising of intimate partner violence, sexual harassment and abuse

  • Sexual consent and the law in Tasmania

  • Introduction to ethical consent


A computer keyboard key with "PORN" written on it'Culture and Respectful Relationships'

  • Socio-cultural attitudes to gender and sexuality

  • Awareness raising regarding online pornography

  • Being an ethical bystander and creating a culture of safety



'Ethics and Decision Making’Sex? YES. OK


  • Personal ethics and decision making

  • Peer to peer negotiation

  • Social case study exploration




Content and concepts covered in prior sessions are integrated at the start of each subsequent session. Students are provided with opportunities to ask anonymous questions during each session.

Expected outcomes

Positive outcomes from our training include:

  • Improved school culture regarding ethical sexual behaviour, respect and consent

  • Reduction in sexual harassment and abuse issues on campus and online

  • Increased student empowerment and capacity to keep themselves safe

  • Increased student awareness of safety and ethical behaviour in online communication

  • Improved student understanding of positive sexual relationships

In late 2018 the SASS Training Unit was awarded with a National Crime Prevention Award for our Whole of School Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence program.

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