Trauma and the Body - Specialised Trauma Therapy Professional Development


Presented by Dr Andrew Harkin

Current research is showing that trauma is largely remembered non-verbally, leaving the body and nervous system primed for future threat. Through a combination of lecture material, experiential exercises and discussion, this workshop will introduce a body oriented approach to working with unresolved trauma.

Andrew’s approach to training draws on Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and encompasses the most recent theoretical understanding regarding neuroscience and the impact of our experiences on our body, as well as providing a clear and pragmatic link between theory and practice.


Hobart: SOLD OUT February 24 & 25, 2020
Launceston: February 27 & 28, 2020
Cost: $535 early bird, thereafter $595 per ticket
Prices include GST; early bird must be paid by December 20, 2019


This two day workshop is for practitioners who want to develop the skills and confidence to integrate the body into their trauma work. It is both experiential and skill development focused.

Human body rendered in colored lines


  • ·         Review current neuroscience and practical applications in relation to safe trauma work.

  • ·         Understand the role of the body in trauma treatment including the role of procedural learning and its relevance to trauma treatment.

  • ·         Apply simple somatic techniques to facilitate client’s self-regulation including directed mindfulness.

  • ·         Acquire increased knowledge and skills in assisting clients to develop body based resources and enable them to experience and stabilise embodiment.

  • ·         Understand the significance of the relational field in body based psychotherapy.


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