Child Safe Training Spaces

Child Safe Training Spaces is a primary prevention professional development workshop for instructors and trainers in environments such as dance, gymnastics, and team sports.  The focus is on reducing the occurrence and impacts of child sexual assault by creating sexually safe sporting environments, as well as responding to disclosures of harm in an empathetic and legal way.  Topics covered include:

Introductory, intermediate and advanced sessions are available upon request.



  • Awareness raising about child safety issues
  • State-specific legalities of consent and mandatory reporting
  • Training and skills to prevent sexual harm in the unique environments of sports facilitiesSafety is assisted by stability, consistancy and predictability
  • Recognising signs of trauma in young athletes
  • Responding appropriately to disclosures of sexual harm
  • Integrating concepts of consent and empowerment in young athletes
  • Self-care and vicarious trauma prevention
  • Psycho-education about the effects of trauma



SASS can work with your organization to address any specific issues and tailor content to your unique environment.  We also offer policy advice and development at a fee-for-service.  Please contact us for further information.

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