Safe, Smart Kids

The SASS 'Safe, Smart Kids' primary school student educational program aims to empower children to understand that their bodies are their own, equip them to make positive, ethical choices with regards to their intimate relationships, and ultimately to stop intimate partner violence and sexual harm from occurring within our communities. A thorough understanding of affirmative consent underpins all age appropriate content.

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Our workshops address the fundamental concepts of intimacy and consent through interactive and dynamic discussion. Facilitators utilise embodied learning principles, which are strongly linked to knowledge retention, in empowering children with knowledge around relationships and their own bodily autonomy. Content is engaging and age appropriate, and sessions include practical activities with real-life examples. All sessions are delivered with a trauma-informed, ‘do no harm’ approach. Our facilitators are skilled at creating a safe and open environment where children and young people feel comfortable to approach difficult topics that affect them.

Student workshops are preceded by a compulsory staff training session. We also offer an optional, but strongly encouraged, parent / guardian session prior to commencing student sessions.

Session 1: 'Safe, Smart Kids'

  • Empowering choice: concepts of 'intimacy' and 'consent'

  • Body autonomy under the framework of consent

  • Understanding of safety language

  • Awareness raising of support resources

Session 2: 'Gendered Drivers and Bystander Behaviour'


  • Exploring gender stereotypes and their impacts on individuals

  • Sociocultural pressures and their effects on positive relationships

  • Being an ethical bystander 

  • Empowering decision making



Session 3: 'Protective Behaviours'

  • Knowledge and habits that promote a culture of safety

  • Correct anatomical body part names

  • Safe and unsafe feelings

  • How to seek help and advice

Content and concepts covered in prior sessions are reviewed and integrated at the start of each subsequent session. Students are provided with opportunities to ask anonymous questions during each session.

Positive outcomes from our training include:

  • Improved school culture regarding respectful behaviour and consent

  • Reduction in sexual harassment and abuse issues on campus and online

  • Increased student empowerment and capacity to keep themselves safe

  • Increased student awareness of safety and ethical behaviour in online communication

  • Improved student understanding of positive intimate relationships


Download our Primary Prevention Program Overview for more information.

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