Media Release

SASS develops Easy Read resources!

25 November 2020

SASS is pleased to announce that thanks to a grant from the Tasmanian Community Fund we have converted a series of our most-accessed resources and factsheets into Easy Read. The Easy Read format presents information in a way that is simple to understand and more accessible for those with a disability, those for whom English isn’t their first language and those with low literacy. We encourage you to browse and download these resources, and of course for more information please do contact us. You can find the following Easy Read resources in the resources section of our website:

  • Child sexual abuse - information for parents, carers and family members (Easy Read version)
  • How problem sexual behaviours can affect families - an Easy Read guide for parents and carers
  • “It’s happened to me” - information for adults who have been sexually assaulted (Easy Read version)
  • Pornography - how it affects young people (Easy Read version)
  • Problem sexual behaviours in children and young people - an Easy Read guide for parents and carers
  • What are my options? An Easy Read guide for you
  • What we do - an Easy Read guide to our services

SASS thanks the Tasmanian Community Fund for their support, without which the creation of these valuable resources would not have been possible.

The Tasmanian Community Fund is an independent Fund that supports and strengthens Tasmanian communities by distributing funds to those communities.