Media Release

Minister announces multidisciplinary centres for integrated support for victim-survivors

2 March 2022

Our team at SASS was absolutely thrilled with the announcement from Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence Jacquie Petrusma, MP yesterday about the establishment of three Multidisciplinary Centres for victim-survivors of family and sexual violence. 

The Centres will provide best-practice response and support which is completely centred around the victim-survivor. This includes counselling, witness intermediaries, police and other related services integrated into one location. 

Can you imagine the difference it will make to a survivor's experience to have all these support services available to them under the one roof? This is something we have been advocating for over recent years and we are so pleased with the Minister’s announcement.  Onwards and upwards Tasmania!

For more information you can see the full media release from Minister Petrusma here.