Media Release

ABC News Article - "Sexual Assault Service in Tasmania Flooded With Victim Calls For help"

2 August 2017

Tasmania's Sexual Assault Support Service (SASS) has experienced a 34 per cent increase in the number of people accessing help in the past financial year and says the sector needs further resourcing. 

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CEO Jill Maxwell said it was great to see people reaching out for help but the increase in clients was putting a strain on the service.
"We do our best, we triage referrals that come in and we do offer one-off appointments until we can allocate a client to a counsellor for ongoing counselling, and we do have our phone service," she said.
"But it does put a strain on our resources and, unfortunately, we do have a wait list but we do our best to get people in fairly quickly."

SASS offers a 24-hour crisis centre and counselling as well as training programs. Ms Maxwell said she would like to see a similar approach to sexual assault as to what was happening for domestic violence.