SASS submission - Corrections Amendment (Treatment of Sex Offenders) Bill 2015

25 July 2016

SASS provided our feedback to the Tasmanian Government on the Corrections Amendment (Treatment of Sex Offenders) Bill 2015.

SASS believes that a prisoner’s medical, psychological, and/or cognitive impairment or condition should not impact negatively on their ability to access appropriate treatment for sex offending. In our response we therefore recommended that any treatment interventions or programs offered to sex offenders in the prison setting be tailored to accommodate different levels of functioning and ability. We also noted the importance of community-based programs and supervision post-release. 

Additionally, we urged policymakers to make a long-term commitment to sexual violence prevention by supporting and funding treatment programs to address sexually abusive behaviour exhibited by children and adolescents. We believe that the provision of effective interventions at the earliest stages of sexual offending is a sound investment, in terms of:

  • delivering a clear message to the community that sexual violence of any kind is unacceptable;
  • reducing levels of juvenile involvement with the criminal justice system; and
  • reducing the risk of continued sexual offending into adulthood and potential incarceration.