Our People

Her Excellency the Honourable Barbara Baker AC is the patron of SASS. Her Excellency has had a highly distinguished career in the legal field in Australia, and SASS is extremely fortunate to enjoy her patronage.

SASS is privileged to be governed and staffed by a dedicated and committed team of people with a range of professional qualifications, skills and talents, who work hard to make the world a better place for our clients.

Board of Governance

  • Kellie Dean
  • Oliver Barta
  • Audrey Mills
  • Yvonne Chaperon
  • Lisa Pennington
  • Grace Williams
  • Anne Mainsbridge
  • Pamela Crawford

Acting Chief Executive Officer

Sandi Doherty


The Board and Chief Executive Officer are supported by the following staff:

General Manager - Counselling Services

Lucy Crowley

General Manager - Primary Prevention

Sandi Doherty

Manager Administration

Thérèse Leaman

Manager Marketing and Communications

Jo Bailey

Manager Continuous Quality Improvement

Michelle Westerink

Manager People and Culture

Joseph Jones

Senior Practitioners

  • Yvona Nouzova
  • Nicole Tsakiris
  • Emma Corrigan

Therapeutic Specialists

Our therapeutic specialists are qualified social workers, psychologists and counsellors who are dedicated to assisting the recovery of adults and children who have experienced sexual assault and exploitation.

  • Tamara Gillies
  • Val Griffin
  • Anna Harwood
  • Simone Smith
  • Brook Gruber
  • Ignacio Rodriguez
  • Lili Su
  • Nidhi Dave
  • Geraldine (surname withheld)
  • Anita (surname withheld)
  • Kate (surname withheld)
  • Erin (surname withheld)
  • Nicole (surname withheld)
  • Sophie (surname withheld)

Out-of-Hours Workers     

  • Names withheld

Training and Workshops

The SASS training team is made up of skilled educators with practical expertise in the area of sexual harm recovery.

  • Christie Dixon - Primary Prevention Coordinator
  • Adie Delaney - Primary Prevention Educator
  • Laura Davis - Primary Prevention Educator
  • Ebony Griggs - Primary Prevention Educator
  • Tom Duff - Primary Prevention Educator
  • Carla Willing - Primary Prevention Educator
  • Jess Gulliver - Primary Prevention Educator

Business Services

  • Joanne Maher - Administrative Officer/Senior Reception
  • Jo McGinity - Administration - Client Services
  • Sunita Gautam - Administration - Client Services
  • Tess Tilbury - Administration Officer
  • Melanie Swain - Administration Officer
  • Diane Johnson - Administration Officer

Partnerships, Communication and Fundraising

  • Gabrielle Lis 
  • Ellia Kelleher