Media Release

Primary Prevention in Schools Promotional Video

22 August 2017

This is a video summary of the primary prevention education and training program currently rolling-out in selected schools within Tasmania.  The video showcases the first year of this Department of Education Tasmania funded project including interviews with students, teachers and SASS staff members.

Schools will be selected for years 2018, 2019 and 2020 in collaboration with the Department of Education Tasmania and Learning Services.

SASS would like to thank the staff and students from Bayview Secondary College, Department of Education Tasmania and PRISM Media House for their assistance in producing this video.




Ethical sexual decision making involves consent, care, communication and consideration


The SASS primary prevention in schools program works in three phases:

  • Training school staff how to deal with disclosures of harm and improve a culture of sexual safety within the school,
  • educating parents and carers on sexual assault issues as well as their roles as care-givers in prevention and response to sexual harm of children, and;
  • teaching young people how to stay sexually safe in person & online, as well as how to manage their sexual choices in an ethical way.