24 hour help-line Counselling and support Training

SASS is a free and confidential support service for southern Tasmanian people of all ages who have been affected by any form of sexual violence. We also provide Redress Scheme Support Services across Tasmania.

Our mission is to work towards achieving a healthier,  safer community in Tasmania, free of sexual harm.

We provide information and support to professionals, and offer a range of training workshops and education sessions throughout Tasmania.

'Undressing Pornography'

Online Pornography is a growing issue; the average age of exposure is 9 years old, and 64% of people aged between 13 and 24, are actively seeking out pornography at least once a week or more often. Pornography has been linked to an increase in tolerated sexual harm perpetrated against women, and is quickly becoming Australian young people’s main source of sexuality education. SASS offers specialised professional training to empower participants with knowledge and skills to tackle this difficult topic in their work.

Media Release: Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Bill Passed

SASS notes that the Justice Legislation (Mandatory Sentencing) Bill 2019 has recently passed the lower house. We appreciate that this legislation has prompted much debate. SASS initially supported the Bill when it was first brought to Parliament in 2017. We did so because we believed, and continue to believe, that sentences are not appropriately reflecting the significant impacts children experience as a result of sexual assault.

Trauma and the Body - Specialised Trauma Therapy Professional Development

This two day workshop is for practitioners who want to develop the skills and confidence to integrate the body into their trauma work. It is both experiential and skill development focused. Current research is showing that trauma is largely remembered non-verbally, leaving the body and nervous system primed for future threat. TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE FOR LAUNCESTON SESSION.