Counselling & Support

We at SASS offer trauma-informed counselling and support services to southern Tasmanian survivors of sexual violence.  We can also support family members, carers, friends of survivors and professionals working with people affected by sexual harm. We also offer services to anyone affected by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, including members of the public and whistle-blowers.

SASS counsellors understand that it may be challenging for you to make this step towards recovery.  We work in a client-focused and trauma informed way meaning you get to make the decisions about the support you need.

We offer choices along your journey to recovery, including a male or female counsellor, appointment days/times and frequency.   Some people only need one or two sessions and others may need many.

The first step is picking up the phone or walking into our service and making a self-referral.

We can help you to:

  • explore options;
  • talk about your experiences;
  • build on your existing coping strategies;
  • manage anxiety and trauma-related symptoms (e.g. flashbacks, poor sleep); and
  • develop a safety plan (if needed).
Safety, Provcessing and Integration are the three stages of therapy
The three phases of trauma informed counselling are to establish safety, engage in processing (therapy) and integrate positive changes into people's lives.


We can also help you to access other services and supports, based on your needs and goals. Our counselling and support services are provided free of charge, and a Mental Health Care Plan is not required.



To refer yourself or someone else to SASS for counselling, please contact us on (03) 6231 0044. Other service providers may complete the SASS Referral Form and email it to @email