Pathways to Change

The Sexual Assault Support Service (SASS) received funding in 2012 from the Federal Government, through the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services & Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) to conduct the Pathways to Change Project. The aim of the project was to research and make recommendations for the future implementation of a comprehensive state-wide approach to Problem Sexualised Behaviour (PSB) and Sexually Abusive Behaviour (SAB) in Tasmania.

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Alcohol and Consent Primary Health Communication Campaign "Off your head don't share your bed" -  a collaboration between SASS & DEN (Drug Education Network) - funded through the Tasmanian Community Fund.

Off your head don't share your bed poster (very small)

This project was an innovative and proactive 12-month Primary Health Media Campaign.  It focussed on sexual consent and alcohol and was the first of its kind in Australia.  The project was a collaboration between SASS and the DEN.  The media campaign raised awareness of the issues and legalities and shifted thinking in relation to sexual consent and alcohol. The project utilised a range of media strategies - TV, radio and print, as well as Facebook and Twitter, to reach rural and metropolitan areas across Tasmania.

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Ethical Sexual Attitudes - workshops for Years 9 and 10 students at Huonville High School - funded through the Huon Valley Health Services Advisory Committee.

Managed by SASS in partnership with the Principal of the Huonville High School.

The project will provide an opportunity for Years 9 and 10 students to participate in a number of workshops.

Teachers and local organisations and workers will participate in the student sessions facilitated by SASS educators.  This has the potential to increase community networks for participants and facilitators. 

The workshops will contain material that will assist students to make healthy and ethical decisions in relation to sexual activity and healthy relationships. They will be broadly based on the NAPCAN 'Love Bites' program and 'Sex and Ethics' workshops developed by Moira Carmody and a range of material SASS has developed through previous work in rural communities and schools, which acknowledges different communities have different needs and expectations.

Party Safe Working Group - Schools Educational Program

Aim: To provide a coordinated schools educational program covering a range of health issues relevant to young people such as alcohol, consent, drugs, safe sex, sexting and cyber safety.

Completed Education Programs/Projects 2011 

"Love Bites" - Huon Valley and Channel Areas Community and Schools Project.

Funded through The Community Support Levy Charitable Organisations Small Grants Program

"Love Bites" -'Learning About Informed Consent' - Grades 9 & 10 students - St James College Project.

Funded through the Huon Valley Health Services Advisory Committee Grants

"Love Bites" - 'Making Informed Decisions' - Derwent Valley & Southern Midlands Community and Schools Project.

Funded through the Community Capacity Building Grants Program

Completed Partnership Projects 2009 - 2010

Take Control! - 'Who do you want to teach your child about sex?'

Take controlFamily Planning Tas. and SASS Partnership Project. Funded through the Tasmanian Health & Wellbeing Grants Program 2009.

Aim: To increase sexual health knowledge, negotiation and communication skills for parents/carers, school staff and students in Tasmania, with a further outcome being to develop the capacity of young people to have healthy relationships.

Consent & Alcohol Project – Stress Balls DEN (Drug Education Network) and SASS Partnership Project

Aim: To print and circulate stress balls to young people with the following message with the view of engaging young people in conversation in relation to alcohol and sexual consent: 

Off your head don't share your bed
Consent & Alcohol
Did anyone say yes?

Completed SASS Projects 2006 – 2010

Women in Prison "Health, Art & Education" (a three-year project from 2007-2010 funded through The Tasmanian Community Fund)

Aim: To bring community supports into the prison through participating artists and community educators fortnightly which will provide the women with opportunities to engage with community and increase support prior to release.

"Literacy & Numeracy in Women's Prison" Program TAFE Tasmania and SASS Partnership Project (funded annually for 4 years from 2006-2010)

Aim: To provide women in prison an opportunity to raise their literacy and numeracy level through the use of 'adult learning' principles and develop peer learning opportunities.

Boys and Their Families "Quest" Program

Funded through the Tasmanian Community Fund                                                                                                                  

Aim: To develop a best practice resource and provide group sessions to boys who have been sexually assaulted. To develop and provide a group program for parents/carers of boys who have been sexually assaulted.

Personal Transitional Therapy Tools for Children

Funded by MyState Foundation

Aim: To purchase and give Personal Transitional Therapy Tools to children attending SASS for counselling such as a stress ball or hand massage object that can be used as a form of relief and behaviour management between appointments, during police interviews, court sessions etc and at the conclusion of sexual assault counselling

Library Books for Children and Parents

Funded by MyState Foundation

Aim: To purchase a range of age-appropriate library books covering issues such as sexuality, growing up and relationships, and to lend them to parents and children

'Choose Life NOT Pain' - A Self Harm Awareness Raising Campaign

Funded by The Women's Development Small Grants Program

Aim: To break the isolation of young people who self harm.To provide a forum where young people can discus their experiences with relevant community members.To develop a resource using the knowledge these young people have in regard to their own experiences of self harming that will be used by parents, carers and service providers to promote best practice when working with young people who self harm or are at risk of self harm

"Off the Couch and into Art"

Funded by Health Promotion Funding

Aim: To run a series of arts-based therapeutic activities with children up to 12 years and their families with problem sexual behaviour issues.

"Homework" Bags

Funded by MyState Foundation

Aim: To purchase 500 calico bags and have them printed with the Galileo House logo and the words "You are a star".To give a bag to each child/young person who attends counselling at Galileo House.

A Women's Prison Creative Experience

Funded by Health Promotion Funding

Aim: To employ a range of professional artists to provide women in prison with an opportunity to engage in storytelling, drama, music and theatre.

Completed SASS Projects Pre 2006

  • 'Playing Cards' Exposure to Health Message Project
  • "We are Here" Women in Prison Project
  • "Information Booklet" by Women in Prison
  • "Drink Spiking" Awareness Raising Project
    Watch your drink
  • "Playing Card" Project - Women in Prison Project
  • "You Have the Right to be Safe Everywhere" SAAP Community Education
  • "Kid's Quest" Children's Group Program
  • Library Grant for Women's Prison
  • Musical Instruments for children at SASS
  • Legal Information Booklet SASS
  • Playback Theatre - Women's Prison Program
  • NAPCAN Mothers Day Party @ Risdon prison
  • Women's Art & Music Project - Women's Prison
  • Women and Their Children Learning to Play with Children Program