Our people

SASS is privileged to be governed and staffed by a dedicated and committed team of people with a range of professional qualifications, skills and talents, who work hard to make the world a better place for our clients.

Our counselling staff are qualified social workers, psychologists and counsellors who are dedicated to assisting the recovery of adults and children who have experienced sexual assault and exploitation.

Board of Governance

  • Jandy Godfrey (Chair)
  • Margaret Hunyady-Sutherland (Deputy Chair)
  • Patty Johnson (Treasurer)
  • Sue Williams (Secretary)
  • David Franklin
  • Kerry Degrassi (Life Member)
  • Wendy Spencer

Chief Executive Officer

Jill Maxwell  (Email:  jill.maxwell@sass.org.au )

Public Officer

Jill Maxwell


The Board and Chief Executive Officer are supported by the following staff:

Acting Operations Manager

Alexis Martin 

Senior Practitioners

  • Yvona Nouzova: Counselling Coordinator
  • Hannah Smith:  Crisis Response


  • Daniel Bahr
  • Peter Baldwin 
  • Suna D'Eye
  • Michelle Enniss
  • Tamara Gillies
  • Louisa Kalimnios
  • Sandi Mackintosh
  • Yvona Nouzova
  • Hannah Smith
  • Nicole Tsakiris
  • Ebony - Surname withheld

Out-of-Hours Workers     

  • Names withheld

Training and Workshops

  • Peter Baldwin - Training Coordinator
  • Adie Delaney - Training Officer
  • Andrew (surname withheld) - Training Officer

Projects, Policy and Research

  • Alexis Martin
  • Holly Mason-White

Business Services

  • Therese Leaman - Administrative Officer - Finance/Human Resources Support
  • Jan Saunders - Finance Officer
  • Joanne (surname withheld) - Administrative Officer
  • Keryn (surname withheld) - Administration - Client Services
  • Tess Tilbury - Administrative Officer/Webmistress)