If you are an adult (male or female)

  • The National Crime and Safety Survey in 2005 estimated that there were 44,100 people over 18 years who had been sexually assaulted in the previous year.
  • 1.2 million Australian women aged 18 and over have experienced sexual violence or its threat since they were 15 years old.
  • 15% of young women reported that they had unwanted sex because their partner had said they should.

Some effects of Sexual Abuse

Some effects of sexual abuse are emotional shock, disbelief and/or denial,  embarrassment, shame, guilt, depression, powerlessness, disorientation, flashbacks, fear, anxiety, anger. Support and counselling can help you work through these issues and recover your well being.

You can contact SASS on 6231 1811 or our 24/7 crisis line 1800 697 877  just to talk things through.

Information about Male Sexual Assault

Sexual assault or rape for a man is an overwhelming and frightening experience and can lead to a variety of problems and conflicting feelings.

When a man discloses that he has been sexually abused, he is often punished further by his ‘manhood’ and/or sexual orientation being called into question.

Men often do not see themselves as victims, and believe that showing emotion is a sign of weakness.

Men are supposed to be in control, strong and able to protect themselves at all times.

Sexual assault and rape confront all of these things, but counselling can help you to work through these issues.

You can contact SASS on  6231 1811 or our 24/7 crisis line 1800 697 877  just to talk things through.